[WS Single] Trying out the Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII

April 5, 2019

‘What’s Spinning Single’ – a quick release between our regular Wednesday release schedule just highlighting a small item that comes up outside of our normal topics.

Trying out the Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII!

Hello to all the What’s Spinning? listeners! 

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about the importance of clean records.  It is important for both the life of your vinyl and the life and wear on your needle.  Let’s face it, those needles aren’t cheap, and we want to make them last as long as possible.  

Now, there are a lot of cleaning products, kits, and solutions, but one of the highest recommended ones out there is the Spin-Clean Record Washer MK II.  I’ve been eager to give this one a try, and I thought I would bring you guys a long for that ride.  

In the past, I was using one of the cleaning solution and brush methods, but honestly, that is a lot of manual work, and I never really felt satisfied with how clean the record was getting.  The Spin-Clean is different from that method in that it has 2 brushes mounted in the base to clean both sides of the album at the same time, and I believe it is the only “bath-type” cleaning system that bathes and cleans the vinyl as you spin it through the base that is filled with the water/washer fluid mixture. 

Some of this I covered in the unboxing video, but this package comes with the pair of brushes that I mentions, a pair of rollers that you can place into different notches in the base to accommodate different sizes of vinyl – you know, if you have a 7″ or 10″ that you’re wanting to clean rather than just the standard 12″.  It also has 2 washable drying cloths and a 4 oz. bottle of washer fluid.  They also have an upgraded package available that includes 5 more of the drying cloths, for 7 total, and then an additional, large, 32oz bottle of the washer fluid.  I think that would last you a long time!

So, to do the actual cleaning, you make sure your rollers are in the correct position for the album you are washing and ensure that your brushes are mounted in there.  You fill up the base with water up to the bottom of the rollers and then add in a cap full of the washer fluid.  The solution of water and washer fluid should be good for cleaning 50 records, so if you’re sitting down to clean a huge collection or something, first, good for you, but second, make sure you replace the mixture in the base after each 50.  After that, you just give the record 2 or 3 rotations through the washing system, then pull it out and wipe it down with the provided drying cloths.  That’s it!  A clean record that is ready for your listening enjoyment!

So, for testing purposes, I did this with a couple albums a little earlier, and I could definitely tell a difference.  One was an older pressing from the 70’s that I found while crate digging.  While the album wasn’t in horrible shape, if had some surface noise, and it also had that “old record” smell.  If you bought a lot of used vinyl, I’m sure you know what I mean.  Well, after the clean, the album looked and smelled better, but also played a lot better with a lot of that original surface noise barely noticeable.  The second one was a newer album that I just unwrapped a couple of days ago.  From the first play, it had a couple of pops that really bothered me.  And that’s something I want to point out.  Just because you buy a brand new album at the store, doesn’t mean it is clean.  These things can collect a lot of dust in the factory, and you would be surprised at the benefits you will get even from cleaning a brand new record.  The new one that I cleaned sounded great after the cleaning.  I’m not sure if the original pops were from tiny pieces of dirt lodged in the grooves, but they are gone now, and that definitely makes me happy.

Overall, if you want to take care of both your collection and your turntable – you need to pick up a Spin-Clean Record Washer MK II.  I held off on getting one for a while, and now I wish I hadn’t.  This will definitely be an improvement to my listening experience. 

Let me know about your experience with the Spin-Clean!  Email us at podcast@wildhogrecords.com or catch us on facebook, instagram, or Twitter using @SpinningPodcast.

Thanks for listening and will catch you on the “flip-side”

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